Why Should You Create a Blog in WordPress

WordPress is not just a blogging platform [It was so in its initial period]. It has evolved into a very efficient content management system.

You can create what you choose with WordPress. You can create a simple blog if you wish and you can create complex multifunctional websites. Yes! It is that flexible and scalable. No wonder it powers sites like Time Magazine, The New York Times, CNN etc.

You can use WordPress to create a blog, use it as a content management system, photography site, portfolio site, online store, membership site and so on

Here are the compelling features that would help you make choice about using WordPress.

#1 WordPress is Free

WordPress is a free platform. All you need is a hosting account and domain name on which it could be run. You can download, install, use and modify it. Some hosts even offer a one-click install of WordPress. Though it does not concern the coders more than a blogger, the WordPress code is open source. That means you can analyze and modify the code as per your needs.

You can use it to create any kind of website. It is also open source which means the source code of the software is available for anyone to study, modify and play with.

#2 WordPress Has Constant Maintenance and Evolution

WordPress is a very well maintained software. As it is open source, it is maintained by a large group of volunteers. Anyone with knowhow can contribute. The contribution has many forms – code patches, plugins, themes, and documentation.

#3 WordPress is Easy to Use

WordPress gets installed within minutes. Not only this, hosts offer autoinstall for WordPress. The admin interface is intuitive and divided into many sections for easy management.

You can easily extend the capabilities of core WordPress by various plugins and change the look with free or premium themes.

Beauty is, that almost everything can be done with just a few clicks. Themes can be installed or uninstalled with a click. Plugins can be installed or uninstalled in a similar way. Widgets in themes respond to drag and drop.

You do not require any knowledge of code or HTML for your WordPress to run.

That is why it is so popular. WordPress has enabled anyone with a wish to create a site with just a few clicks.

Not only this, I must also mention the update process. WordPress’ built-in updater allows updating plugins and themes from within your WordPress admin dashboard.

Again with a click.

It also auto updates minor WordPress updates and notifies you when there is a new version of WordPress is available so that you can update it with just a click.

It saves a lot of time and lets you concentrate on content creation.

#4 Themes and Plugins

There are thousands of WordPress themes available to change the look and feel of your blog. All possible with just a few clicks. Whatever your niche is, there would be a theme available.

Within the theme functions, it is super easy to change colors of theme, change the logo, change background color/image and other things.

Then there are plugins. You name a function and there would be a plugin in WordPress for that Plugins enable the blogger to provide her blog its unique identity by adding extra functions and features. There are plugins available for scheduling backups to run a membership site.

#5 Search Engine Friendly

WordPress comprises of standard compliance high-quality code and produces semantic mark up which is considered friendly to search engines.

To further enhance the SEO functions, there are many plugins available for SEO functions.

#6 Security

Saftey and security of a website are the prime concern of any site owner. WordPress is safe, secure but not totally immune to threats. However, there are many plugins and services available which enhance this feature.

#7  Text, Image Video

How to create a site that publishes texts, images, and videos in the same breath

The answer is to use WordPress.

Not only this, you can also embed the videos from other sources by just pasting URLs of the video.

#8 WordPress is Scalable

Want to start small and then grow your business. WordPress with its infinite capacity to scale is perfect for you. You can add the features as you want and watch your site grow.

#9 WordPress Easily Integrates with Social Media

Like other stuff, there are many unique plugins available which help you to integrate WordPress with social media. Features like comments integration, social media publishing, and sharing can become available with just a click of a button. Social media is very important nowadays because you instantly are able to share your stuff.

Why do you use WordPress? Do leave your opinion.

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