Why I do Write? Things That Make Me Push Beyond Orthopedics

Why do I write?


It is a question that I often ask myself.  At present, my life has become a balancing act between pursuing the learned skills and inherent leanings.

The biggest skill set that I have learned is fixing the broken bones. I am an orthopedic surgeon. This field gives me recognition, earns my livelihood and has brought in the status and a lifestyle that many people yearn for and would be content with.

Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that treats broken bones, deformities and painful joints and back.

A branch that is concerned about the mobility of the person.

Bringing mobility back or making it better is our primary concern and it does give you immense pleasure when the target is achieved, even partially.

The life of a clinician surrounds his work. He is known for his work. Most of us strive to be known for our work.

So do I and I work for that every day.


Every now and then there comes a yearning to go beyond the equilibrium.

Skill learning and mastering has different phases. Once my senior in MBBS, Ashutosh had mentioned it.

“APS! Study a lot. The knowledge and power of knowing brings a thrill reverberations of which are unmatched.”

I found that true.

Similarly, learning a skill brings a thrill. You master the art of doing something. Skill acquisition is a rewarding core.

Add to that the adrenaline rush that learning and executing the skill on live human beings bring. Every time you perform the skill, there are different challenges.

A lot of people enjoy these challenges. Many of them love the monetary value that skill brings in.

But repeated skill performance, over a period, may bring a sense of monotony. After a while, the novitiate withers and the skill performance relies more on your reflexes than cerebrum.

And there goes the thrill.

It is why most people keep learning newer skills or in-depth honing of present skills to hone themselves. They learn more and more and more in their field.

For me, however, orthopedics is one facet of my life. I, therefore, keep looking at yonder.

I was introduced to reading when I was young but started writing only after I turned 18. In spite of my other pursuits, writing refuses to go away from thoughts.

Ideas keep bombarding my mind though often I let them perish.

For a while, I have written only when I am too pressed to write.

I turn 43 after two months. Enough of practicing learned skill sets.

The writing moves up in the priority.

First priority.


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