The Dogs of Good Times

This rainy season if someone is having good times, it is the species called dog. An age old human friend and considered as the most wise pet, the dog is part of our daily lives and conversations.

Philosophy apart, I was talking about dogs in my village.

In this rainy season, I am seeing a plethora of dogs in our village. I do not know from where they have arrived but barring few, all are unfamiliar new faces. It seems that every dog of our village has called every other dog it knows or roams in hr circle, to this great village called Nikku Chack.

dog of good times

You see the dogs everywhere. I am not talking about and including pets yet.

I am talking about the free-spirited dogs who are not accountable and answerable to anyone they know. Popularly called street dogs or stray dogs but these terms hardly do the justice to these highly evolved creatures.

There are dogs everywhere. At any point of given time, if you look around, you will find more dogs in the street than humans.

Apart from physical darshan, the dogs have other unique methods of making their presence felt.

The moment you set your foot out, there would be dog shit waiting to welcome you. The shit is always strategically placed, along with contributions from buffaloes. Together, the dog-shit and buffalo-dung makes the road a minefield. If you are not cautious, you would be in shit.

It seems like a very successful joint venture between dogs and buffaloes.

Talking about buffaloes, they are equally intimidating in number. They are raised by Gujjars [milkmen] and I am yet to figure out why do they parade the herd of buffaloes up and down on the streets, everyday, without fail.

There are other methods of feeding cattle than taking them to fields.

I have strong doubts that buffaloes have become health conscious and demand to be walked everyday. No wonder, they often sneer at me with a ridiculing look.

Together buffaloes and dogs have made already shitty roads so full of shit.

As if that was not enough, dogs have realized their numerical strength and superiority it provides.

Not only they are unafraid, they do not give  a shit to human presence.

They exert superiority in every way possible.

They would block the traffic in garb of fighting. I swear I have seen the fighting pair playing later after they are done with hassling assignment.

They lie in shade of your car and refuse to get up in spite of repeated reminders.

Some more adventures dogs have formed gangs and work together or in tandem.

They chase the vehicles and bark at them with their lungs blowing with full force.

I am not sure what kick they get from this misadventure. Only dog can tell.

I always carry a stick with me when I go out. It is for the fear of injections in case….

Stick is good!

The dog who is immune to persuasion is vulnerable to gestures of stick.

In spite of stick being shown and stones being hurled at, the dogs are still having great time.

I think its evolution in progress.

Written on 22.8.17

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