Soceity should Care for the Doctors

Written on 9/12/2017

As I begin writing this, history has been created today.  AAP government in Delhi has canceled the license of MAX hospital over the row of declaring a newborn fetus [22 weeks] dead when he was alive. [update – the license has been reinstated]

Changing Times

While on the face of it, the way it has been presented, it seems a negligence and I am not questioning the decision to cancel the license, there are certain observations that I cannot help making.

There is huge welcome of the decision and people are rejoicing at the fact that hospital has been punished. Media is in full swing to satanize the doctors.

They are called money seekers and business persons.

The comments across the websites show the amount of grudge and hatred people are harboring against the doctors in private practice.

Its astonishing and at the same time scary because I am a practicing doctor.

Public on social media is demanding closure of all the branches of the MAX group.

Good! Go ahead.

It is an era where we are witnessing ransacking of hospitals for one reason or other.

Doctors are being beaten left, right and center for no fault of theirs and most of them while they were doing the job they are trained for.

Its an era when one state is coming with a law to cap doctor’s consultation fee and it is very likely that other state will follow soon for the sheer populist kick they would get out of it.

It is an era when pharmacists, homeopaths, ayurvedic, veterinaries are being offered the bridge courses to practice modern medicine and the doctors who spent so much time are feeling cheated and ridiculous.

It is a time when doctors are advising their kids against choosing this profession because not only it is unsafe for your health, your life is also at risk.

It is an era when the practicing doctors are taking early retirements and those who are thick in it are looking for a way out.

It is an era when every third day I see a bruised doctor in a video or newspaper because the angry relatives beat him for some alleged failure which was very much out of control of his hands.

I think it is time for packing our stuff.

The society is refusing modern system of healthcare with its limitations. It wants something miraculous. Something that is free and 100% effective.

Not very far in the future, a time would come when people would not find good brains in healthcare.

You would not have a healthcare system to rely on.

It would be sad but then it would be society’s own making.

Thou Shalt Not Harm

In spite of the grill involved and hence meager rewards in return, everybody, almost everybody tries to accomplish what is demanded of us.

There had been a good equation between society and doctors.

Sadly, recently, somehow, the equation got disturbed.

Both sides were responsible, I agree.

Come to present times and the equation has been greatly skewed, the doctors cornered, marred equally by demands and undue expectations of the society and the working environment, both in the private and public sector.

And do not forget the populist and appeasing political measures.

The doctors are being punished for doing their jobs. Vandalism against doctors is rising.

As a doctor, it is my job to treat a patient. A number of parameters that affect the outcome are not in my controls.

This blog speaks about the doctors, their anger, their frustrations, and their limitations and how to cope with them so that they can practice with safety and if not find a route to exit.

Because this cornering cannot go on forever. It is the time we let society decide if they accept us without deeming us all-powerful God-like titles.

Medical science cannot provide a hundred percent cure. Not as yet. Not in the near future.

It cannot. It is against the nature.

There will always be losses in spite of the best efforts.

But the underlying message and warning is “Stop shooting the person who tries to save you.”

First, you would kill the eagerness to help you in case the need arises [You may never know when you need it. It could be next hour]. If the doctor starts considering his safety first, who would try to save you with the whole effort.]

Believe me, this eagerness is fast evaporating.

Do not push more.

Doctors are not trained to harm. Most of them do not. As they come from society itself, some of them may be doing things which are not justified.

Therefore, doctors do not fight back. A doctor fighting for his rights is deemed villain because when he takes time for his own fight, someone in need definitely is denied medical care he would be giving at that time.

Not a good picture.

But there is always option of leaving.

And the exodus might have just started.


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