Jumping to DSLRs – Got My Nikon D3400

Everyone wants to shoot good photographs. But being good at photography demands a lot of training, precision and patience.

Lately, I have never gone shooting beyond mobile phone camera. That too with auto setting on.

My tryst with cameras was before the digital camera though. I purchased one because it was handy to shoot when with family and friends. But those cameras, which already seem like thing of the distant past, were unable to show what they shot immediately and therefore resulted in unpredictable snap shots, especially n hands of novice like me.

The tryst did not last beyond two reels.

Then came digital cameras. My first one was Canon. It was a small camera with small capabilities when compared with today’s gadgets, costed around 20000/-. [Now a days you would get 10 times better specs in one fourth price, just to put things in right perspective]

But it was a wonderful jump in technology. I could see what I shot. I could erase what I shot and there was no need to change the film reels, a cumbersome and expensive process for a student like me.

It had few settings that I got used to and utilized.

Eventually, I changed that camera after three years and bought a Sony cybershot instead. One my orhtopedic consultant had  an old SLR camera and I asked him about it naively. He tried to explain but I did not get that much. Came back to hostel and tried from internet. Still not much understood.

Eventually, the mobile cameras became better and by sheer convenience and added superiority, over the time surpassed the point and shoot cameras as I saw them.

I did keep high end phones for sake of camera. But in spite of being so, those cameras did not shoot the things in a way I wanted to shoot whereas the world was full of so many photographs to be clicked.

Someone pointed that I might need to learn the techniques. You can start with your mobile phone and then move to DSLR, I was suggested.

That was about 5 years ago.

I bought a DSLR few days back. It is an entry level DSLR – NIKON D 3400.

Costed around 30000. Delivered by Amazon.

One thing is sure. I will post more photos in my posts now.

I am in process of learning photography and given the time constraint, it would be a slow journey.

I would share the experience as I walk along.

Here is the starter, in auto mode though. But much better than what my mobile cameras use to shoot [at least in my hands]

BTW this is view of Raddison hotel in Shimla from the room we stayed in.

Raddison hotel shimla

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