Is Education Root Cause of Your Mediocre Performance?

First things first! I am not talking about not educating yourself. I am talking about the education system we send our children to learn, class after class, year after year.

Knowledge is very liberating. Education opens the realms of mind and unleashes the imagination to do things better.

Life is so versatile. So are education fields. The idea must be to match your interest and marry them to knowledge.

The results would be wonders.

Excellence or mediocrity

But somehow, somewhere the education became synonym with a better job, better life comforts and better social security.

Soon the system got disrupted and babus were respected more than the man who could not read a script and could not scribe, though he might be carrying more knowledge and is a better speaker in his own right.

This lead to more demand for education system and schools proliferated, colleges sprang and professional courses mushroomed.

Degrees, diplomas and certification courses. It is mind boggling if you look at them from a distance.

There were always hot favorites. At one time medicine and engineering were having beelines with students offering themselves in return of the promise of better job and better life comforts.

At the time of writing other things are becoming hot too.

Yes! all those things matter. Life comforts and job security.

But then that is that.

By virtue of your education you are to become part of the large system that serves the purpose of your society.

Its fine if you are content with that.

It is only when you, by virtue of your education, feel that you should have been provided with more than you have got.

May be more money! A greater role in society! More respect and so on………..

I think the basic premise there is wrong!

Because there is so much more to you must have than education to succeed more than you think you are entitled to.

May be  more skills?

Better public dealing?

Better attitude and disposition?

leaving your comfort zone?

I often receive message about three types of people where the most studious in the class end up becoming professionals, slightly lower become the admins controlling them and the least studious become the politicians.

I think that is only one way to look at it.

That just means that you do not need to be that studious if you wish to become admins. And admins would always be placed over professionals. Well! in most of the cases.

Professionals have grudge against admins because somehow the professionals do not like to be controlled and they have a sense of superiority by virtue of their professional expertise.

But it just ends there.

Professional expertise makes you good in you job.

If you are eyeing at something more, then may be something more is desired from you.





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