If Your Phone Falls and Breaks, Your Insurance Company is Not Paying for the Damage

Before I  go further, just look at this sentence

phone insurance

This is a single sentence response that I got from my phone insurance company after 4 weeks of communications and wait.

It is regarding my S7 edge phone of which screen got break. I have paid hefty amount for screen display changes, in th epast.

So when I bought the phone, I got it insured by a company called Uni-com. The headquarters of the company, as I later found when I communicated with them is situated in Jalandhar only.

phone insurance

The vendor recommended and I did the insurance without a check on the company.

The phone broke around 12 or 13 October.

I called them and apprised them next day

[BTW if you do not inform them within 48 hours they do not pay.]

The girl on the opposite side explained me the process and enquired about how phone got broken.

I told her I fell in the street and the phone fell too. [ I was attacked by a dog hence fell]

The girl noted down and later I received a mail with the forms to be filled and submitted within 5 days along with snapshots of the damaged phone and an estimate made from Samsung center.

Everything was to be submitted within 5 days, otherwise…………..

I did as told.

1 week

2 weeks

I shot two emails in between.

In the end, I received the message cited above.

I felt cheated. basically they were telling me that they will not pay for the repair as I could not take care of my phone.

Its kind of silly. You will not pay when the phone is damaged. You would then look for the reasons to cancel the claim.

What is the most common reason for breakage of the phone. It falls from hand or pocket.

No! They will not pay for that. That is carelessness!!

I do not understand what they need to pay. Few broken bones in a real accident involving you and phone.

I am not sure about other companies but if you consider this experince and review of Uni-com company, just syty away.

Research before your vendor sells you an insurance from some shitty company.

BTW I did mail them again to at least tell me why the claim has been rejected.

They never bothered to answer.

With a bad taste in my mouth, I advise everybody to stay away from this company.

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