How to Remove Social Network from Hootsuite on Windows and Other Devices

Hootsuite is a one-stop place for all your social networks. It allows you to manage multiple postings, cross-postings, and sharing, analytics, and updates across all the networks from its dashboard.

Recently, I wanted to remove my redundant pages on Facebook and other social media platforms.

While adding a social network is quite easy in Hootsuite, removing a social network could take your time because you would not know where to go.

And believe me, the path lies where you least expect it.

And if you know the path, it’s one click job.

In this post, I would describe how to remove social networks from Hootsuite.

First I describe to remove Hootsuite on Windows PC and then it is followed by the removal of Hootsuite on Android device and Apple device

How to remove social network from Hootsuite on Windows PC?

Log in to your account

Using your credentials, log in to your Hootsuite account. After you have logged in, you would be taken to the dashboard. On the top left of your Hootsuite dashboard, there would be your profile picture.

hootsuite network removal

Click on the Profile Picture

Clicking on the profile picture in the top left-hand corner of Hootsuite dashboard would open a page with your networks listed. If you see a message that you are not part of any organization, just scroll below that and you would find the networks listed there.

Choose the gear icon on the social network

The page that opens looks something like this. Choose the gear icon of the network you intend to remove.

It would open a drop-down menu with options. Something like given in the image above.

Choose the Removal Option

Click last option “Remove From Hootsuite”. if asked to confirm, confirm.

How to Remove  Social Network on Hootsuite in Android Device

  1. Tap the main menu.

  2. Tap Settings

  3. Tap Social networks.

  4. Swipe left on the social network profile to delete

  5. Tap Delete.

How to delete a social network in Hootsuite- iOS

1.      Tap Settings.

2.      Tap Social Networks.

3.      Tap Edit.

4.      Tap Delete (red circle).

5.      Tap Delete to confirm.

6.      Tap Done.



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