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Written on 18 Aug 2017

I never thought I would be riding cycle everyday at this time of my life.

But I do.

Everyday! Except for the extreme winters and rainy days.

cycling is fun
Cycling is fun

Pushed into Cycling

Two years back, Daksh started to learn cycling . We obviously as parents encouraged him.

He learnt quickly and developed a fascination for cycling. Every child does enjoy the ability and freedom that cycling provides.

But this was something deeper, wider and longer.

As Daksh became better, he wanted to do more kilometers, try newer tracks and terrains.

It led me to purchase a new cycle for myself. The child needed a person accompanying. After all he was just 7 years old. Cannot be sent far on his own.

Never did I imagine that I would be stepping upon a journey that would turn out to be beautiful and healthy.

We have moved from 2 kilometers to 20 kms and his yearning for more is testing my legs.

Today is a special day for us. today Manya has joined our cycling gang.

She is now 7 years, Daksh is 9.

She is still in the learning phase but it is all fun.

Together, we would ride many tracks and try new terrains, enjoy new thrills and revere the moments as we narrate our experiences.

Cycling is healthy! Cycling is good!

All you need is intention, a good cycle and a pair of good shoes.

I would be sharing these experiences in the category cycle diaries.

Everything related to cycling would be in the cycle diaries.

Till that time. Stay healthy and stay blessed.



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