Apple Arcade and Google Stadia – Mobile Gaming Revolution is Nigh

Early April or late March this year, Apple came out with Apple Arcade. Apple arcade is a gaming platform for Apple devices.

I am not much of Apple user as yet except for iPad that I bought for my kids. Android is more convenient and provides an affordable range. Its a kind of false pretense because I often tend to choose high-end phones, the prices of which are as bloated as Apple iPhones.

Believe me! I have traveled a long way from Nokia Symbian to Windows mobile to finally Android.

Right now I own S9 note by Samsung which was a forced upgrade from S7 Edge plus because I wanted to use the stylus. Longtime Note 5, my first phone with a stylus.

I would not have noticed Apple Arcade but for Google Stadia.

Google Stadia is unveiled in a recent Google Developer Conference. But I came to know about it in Google I/O 2019 in May only.

Google stadia is for Android what Apple Arcade is to iOS.

Both are mobile gaming platforms destined to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Of course, there are games in the Google Play store and Apple Store as well but many of them let you down with the quality being or force in-app purchases.

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple arcade image

Apple Arcade is a new gaming platform which is a subscription service. It will offer new and exclusive titles which would be playable across multiple Apple platforms, without download restrictions.

Side Q: Isn’t that going to offer fierce competition to Sony or Xbox?

These titles will not have feature ads, ad-tracking, or in-app or purchases.

Similar video game subscription services exist, like Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, but what Apple proposes is unprecedented in the mobile scene.

There are a hundred premium games available when launched. Cool!!

Only for Apple

Apple Arcade is playable only on Apple devices – iOS, macOS, and tvOS. You can play the game on one device and continue on another. But Apple only.

The pathless on Apple arcade

No In-App payments

This is a great feature and the developer would not have to concentrate on the pricing aspect. That is going to be backend deal with Apple and not from a consumer.

Hot lava game on Arcade

User privacy

Apple is maintaining a commitment to user privacy with Arcade games. it would be a safer place for gamers.

Better games

Apple arcade image

Because it is a dedicated service, it is expected to become a place with better games. It was worried that many Android users could move to play better quality games but with the announcement of Google Stadia, the things become more interesting.

Whare card fail game on apple arcade
Whare card fail game on apple arcade


Apple Arcade would be a subscription-based service and prices are not yet disclosed. It is estimated that $44 are spent by an average gamer on Apple.

Let us see if the price is more than that or not.

Apple Arcade Release Date

There is no fixed date announced yet. It is expected to launch in fall this year.

What is Google Stadia?

Google stadia being announced

Google stadia is to Android users what Apple Aracde is to Apple users.

Google stadia is a gaming subscription service from Google. The company announced the cloud-based platform at the GDC gaming conference in March.

It will offer the triple-A game [high budget games] streaming potential to anyone with internet access and the Chrome web browser. It is compatible with Chromecast Ultra and Chrome on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

Just like Arcade, it also allows you to switch the device and continue the game.

The service is based on Linux and uses Vulkan [a cross-platform new generation graphics and compute API.]

Stadia is said to support many of the most popular game development engines, including Unreal and Unity.

Stadia is revolutionary. It is a cloud-based gaming console and is easier to upgrade as hardware upgrades happen remotely at the server side.

The limiting factor would be connection speed. Depending on your connection, you can choose from 1080p up to 4K.

8K is in offering in the future.

Stadia is supported by Google Assistant.

The Stadia Controller

Google stadia controller
Google stadia controller

This connects via Wifi and connects directly to Google’s servers for providing a lag-free experience.

Of course, it is not mandatory to use this controller. Your existing controller, mice, and keyboards are also good to go.

While it’s arguably the best way to play, any existing controller scheme should work including controllers, mice, and keyboards.

Stadia integrates with YouTube

Stadia has several unique features that are built around YouTube like crowd play which allows you to jump into others’ game.

You can also push play and instantly jump into the game, say while watching a video.

Like Apple Arcade, the cost of stadia is also not known.

Google Stadia is launching this year in the U.S., Canada, UK, and most of Europe.

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