What Keeps Me Busy?

It seems quite unfair that I post here less often. Few readers have complained about that. I know that and I am trying my best to be regular here, I must tell you that most of the time is eaten by my other two websites.

I run two medical sites namely boneandspine.com and medcaretips.com.

First site is on Orthopedics and the second one covers all medicine subjects.

There are many health websites over there, each with something unique to offer.

But majority of these sites are for doctors to gain and share the knowledge.

The patient oriented sites either lack depth or aim just to cover few topics.

Sharing scientific information is not like sharing your cat stories. Your opinion and emotions do not matter and should not be included in the info you intend to provide.

You need to present the facts in such a way that it does not create bias in reader’s mind.

Moreover, you cannot and you should not become a substitute to a formal visit to physician.

There are a lot of websites which are keyword centering rather than information centric.

A number of sites are not run by professionals.

Few are but most of them aim at bringing their own skills to public light and gain patients than provide content for sake of providing and educating.

Both, boneandspine.com and medcaretips.com strive to do what a medical website should do – provide unbiased, correct information that people can use and refer to in times of need.

Those two sites keep me quite occupied. Creating content and back end management is what takes major chunk of time.

Creating scientific article takes a lot more time than writing this kind of article. There are so many things to confirm, update and arrange in a manner that is readable understandable and offers complete information.

But creating that content is routine and often when I look for creative challenges, I do look for other spheres to satisfy that urge.

Hence I keep coming back to this domain.

Irregular but still often.

This domain covers everything that I can write on from my musing to money matters and from gadgets to autos.


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