Times are Changing

Written on 9/12/2017 As I begin writing this, a history has been created today.  AAP government in Delhi has cancelled the license of MAX hospital over the row of declaring a newborn fetus dead when he was alive. While on the face of it, the way it has been presented, it seems a negligence and I …

Jumping to DSLRs – Got My Nikon D3400

Everyone wants to shoot good photographs. But being good at photography demands a lot of training, precision and patience. Lately, I have never gone shooting beyond mobile phone camera. That too with auto setting on. My tryst with cameras was before the digital camera though. I purchased one because it was handy to shoot when with …


  चाँद और तारों के किस्से सुनाते हो कुछ भी हो दिल अच्छा बहलाते हो| कहाँ से लाए ये अदा और ये एय्यारी अंधों को भी सूरज के ख्वाब दिखाते हो| काबले रश्क है ये हुनर कि हर मर्तबा महज बात कर के बात बना जाते हो|

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