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What Keeps Me Busy?

It seems quite unfair that I post here less often. Few readers have complained about that. I know that and I am trying my best to be regular here, I must tell you that most of the time is eaten by my other two websites. I run two medical sites namely and First site is …

The Dogs of Good Times

This rainy season if someone is having good times, it is the species called dog. An age old human friend and considered as the most wise pet, the dog is part of our daily lives and conversations. Philosophy apart, I was talking about dogs in my village. In this rainy season, I am seeing a plethora …


  चाँद और तारों के किस्से सुनाते हो कुछ भी हो दिल अच्छा बहलाते हो| कहाँ से लाए ये अदा और ये एय्यारी अंधों को भी सूरज के ख्वाब दिखाते हो| काबले रश्क है ये हुनर कि हर मर्तबा महज बात कर के बात बना जाते हो|

Its Okay to Color Outside the Lines

Manya, my daughter has been awarded for academic excellence by her school for her performance in grade I. We attended the award function which was held on 2nd Dec 2017. Children had prepared a lot of stuff for presentation and the award function went very well. It was good show and Manya was on top of …

Power of The Written Word

As human brain developed so did the feelings and desire to express them. The need led to development of the language. From howls and moans to the meaningful words today, humans have made a great achievement. Same applies to writing too. What started as signs is a full fledged script now. (There are many of them …

Wondering What is This Site About?

  My name is Arun Pal Singh and I am an orthopedic surgeon. At present I live in Punjab, run my own hospital. I love reading and writing.  My tryst with world of blogging happened around 2008 when blogging was still infancy. But I have been managing and publishing website content since 2004. I write on …

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