मेरी खामोश ख्यालों से कोई रंग ना आएगा
पर आवाज़ दूं भी तो क्या वो मिल जाएगा

उस जज़्बे की उमर चंद लम्हे ही होनी थी
हयात जब फानी है तो कौन बच पाएगा

वो पत्थर जिसने कल एक शीशा तोड़ा था
साथी लाया है आज, शायद घर गिराएगा

ज़िक्र मेरा उससे करके क्या पाओगे तुम
उसको हुनर हासिल है वो बस मुस्कराएगा

उस मोड़ से वो लौटने को नहीं मुड़ा था
उम्मीद को मेरी मगर कौन समझाएगा

तेरा शहर

तेरा शहर
कैसा गजब है
यहाँ हवा में धुआँ इतना है की
साँस लो तो
फेफड़ों में जीने का समान कम
और मौत का ज़्यादा जाता है
लंबी लंबी चौड़ी सी ये सड़कें
भयानक हैं मगर उससे भी ज़्यादा वो
जो दिन रात दौड़ते हैं इन पर
जहर उगलते, सब कुछ रौन्द्ते|
ये शहर जहाँ हरेक शख्स का चेहरा कालिख से पुता हुआ है
और गौर से देखो तो वो कालिख
केवल कार्बन की नहीं है
उसमें गम भी शामिल है|

दिन रात जागता है ये शहर, दिन रात भागता है
न लोग सोते हैं न शहर सोता है
बारिश में डूब जाता है
गर्मी में सूख जाता है
सर्दी में कांपता रहता है
और वसंत में खिलखिलाता नहीं
एक काली सी चादर में लिपटा शहर
कैसा अजब है

नर्म नर्म अल्फ़ाज़

नर्म नर्म अल्फ़ाज़ से अच्छी बात लिखूं
जबां के पेच से आपके लिए सौगात लिखूं

खंजर से खून जो बहता है तो बहता रहे
सोने सा दिन बनाऊँ तारों सी रात लिखूं

कड़वा जो बोल है चीनी में डूब जाएगा
कितने चम्मच कहो मैं हज़रात लिखूं

आज भूल जाऊं सितम का माहौल ज़रा
आप जो भी कहें मैं वही जज़्बात लिखूं

हाँ जादू बोलता है आपका सर में मेरे
आपकी ज़िद है तो ये भी ख्यालात लिखूं


गर्मियों की हों, या सर्दियों की
छुट्टियाँ यूँ ही बीत जाती थीं
और होमवर्क रह जाता था!
स्कूल में टीचर हर बार ताकीद करते थे
हर बार मैं सोचता था की अगली बार नहीं!
मगर हर बार छुट्टियों का नशा होमवर्क भुला देता था|

आज सोचता हूँ तो महसूस होता है कि
उनतालीस वर्ष किसी नशे में बिता दिए|
अब जब मैं चालीस का होने जा रहा हूँ तो
लगता है कि
आधी से ज़्यादा छुट्टी तो बीत गयी
होमवर्क अभी सारा पड़ा है|

Angry Birds on Windows Phone – What Did My Little Son Teach Me?


Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds Game

Recently I purchased a Windows 8 based Nokia Lumia, one of the economical smart phones. I am one of those phone users  who use phone for basic function it was made for. Calling and receiving phone calls. One exception is good camera in the phone as it saves a lot of hassles of sharing photograph as compared to my point and shoot camera [again an old model, does not have connectivity features].

More recently, I had found  ability to store and listen to music quite worthwhile feature [ Recently because though my phones always had these features, I never looked at them].

Last phone I had was nokia N8, quite decent phone even when I purchased it, long time after its release.  It was my first touch phone. Camera was very good and worked for all my clinical photographs.

Few months after purchase, I started storing music files on it  and could play them on my car’s music system by transmitting as FM. A great feature!

I could back its contacts to Nokia PC Suite like N79 that I previously never looked at the applications which were available all the time. For me those never existed. I stumbled across them during my last days with N8 when I happened to download few of them for the kids. Archery, Paint and there was another one I do not remember.

Those were the days when my revered N8  started having hiccups. It hanged, touch did not respond and most importantly, camera became slow.

After a lot of search and deliberation, I reached at the conclusion that I would purchase a dedicated camera for shooting and reduce my phone to the  basic feature.


Then came the day when my N8 died. It sat there refusing to start and refused to get charged. Dead in every sense.

I needed a phone that was available, low on cost and reasonably good. With lot of reviews I chose Nokia Lumia 520 [In spite of suggestions, I could not come out of my Nokia comfort zone].

I had almost ordered 520 when  news piece about launch of 525 came. It had enhanced RAM  of 1 GB that could play Temple Run too. I never intended to play Temple Run, a free  and popular game but  I very well understood implications of  enhanced RAM and it looked worth the increased price tag. [I later even downloaded and played Temple Run]

It was  a good phone and I immediately liked it in spite of its cheap plastic looks.

Browser worked like charm and I was hooked to it. It would automatically updated emails from my account, messages from social site  and the touch was great [ Before you say that this and that feature is better in any other phone, please remember I am comparing everything to N8, which in spite of Nokia star phone at its time appeared clumsy in front of 525.]

There were preinstalled applications and games and there were a lot to download from store [Yes! I know app store is nothing in comparison to android but who cares, there were more things than I knew or wished for].

Angry Birds was one of the available games  and I downloaded a trial version for my kids. Daksh is six years old and Manya is 4 years old.  It is a game where the birds get on catapult and hit the pigs because pigs stole their eggs.

The player launches the bird.

[I am not a very great fan of computer games. Though I feel these help in mental development of the child they are a hazard to physical development. May be, I am like this because I have seen games from other perspective, the ones I played in my childhood. Sitting in front  of screen for hour and pressing some keys  to destroy some thing is not my idea of game.]

From that moment, my six years old boy got hooked to the phone and played the game. As he learned the tricks, he played better [sometimes  with my assistance] and demanded full version.

I purchased the game for Rs 55 and that added numerous levels of chapters to keep him busy for many days. [Read more...]

Where Does The Time Go?

These days, I wonder often with the question I put in title of this article. I am really in dearth of time. So much that sometimes I ponder whether I can continue writing these blogs or not.

I need to run the hospital, which takes major share of my time. It is not just seeing the patients and coming back home. You see them for sure but running a hospital is much more than that.

There are so many mundane but absolutely essential chores that you need to supervise. Whether it is  a generator in need of repair or expansion plans or managing the staff work or maintaining inventory or  updating books or manage cash flow or answering the phone calls, everything requires your precious minutes.

Add to that, uninvited people who pay curtsy visits, just [ in their opinion] for a moment and your day is already bleeding.

By and by evening drops and its play time followed by dinner and sleep.

Things would have been far better if I just managed the hospital but somehow, there is something else that is in my mind always pushed back by day to day activities.

To build online blogs. I am not certain why it is so but the thought of doing it  never leaves and somehow I do not manage to do it well as well.

time go

I have tried many times in the past, only to find my efforts derailed by something more demanding, emergent and tangible.

I am giving myself one more year starting from today. If I cannot do two things together [as my wife often points out] I would have to choose.

I hope I would be able to manage.

See I wrote 300 words [well almost] for this article today.

There would be many more, I suppose..

… and sincerely hope.

Good day

Connected and Lonely

There were times when people had little connections. After family, neighbors and friends, very few people had contact with old friends or distant colleagues.    Modes of communication were few and not many persons were diligent enough to write a letter or make a trunk call to keep a relation alive.

In today’s world we have what  I call plethora of connections. There are mobile phones, sms and messenger applications to keep you connected. There are email, Facebook, Twitter, chat, skype and many others. When I open my mail, I see many green dots telling me who is online.

But technology cannot replace humans. Will to speak or converse is different.

A dot cannot open an interaction on its own.  Its mere signal. It tells you something. You have a choice to pay attention or look other way.

So the number of dots on my screen cannot convey how many people are there I wish to talk to. It shows numbers of connection my machine has made with others. A machine connecting with another machine.

Earlier we had few connections but they were more meaningful and we could identify our lives and patterns of living with them. Many a things and many a feelings were exchanged between the people. People looked forward to meet and greet each other.


Scenes have changed now. More we seem connected; lesser we seek to meet each other. Many so called friends in the virtual worlds do not have meaning beyond the profile photo and green dot.

The  technology has done its part. It has nullified the distances and connected people in spite of distances.

But will to really connect with each other has reduced.

There are many dots on my computer which are green at this moment. I hardly have time or wish to connect.

I know it would be same on your laptop or mobile screen.

या रब्ब

या रब्ब ! मुझे बिलकुल भी वहम नहीं है
कुछ भी दुनिया में तुझसे अहम् नहीं है

पूछोगे हमारा  तआरुफ़ तो बेझिझक कहेंगे
उससे पहचान है बस   वो मेरा महरम नहीं है

उसूल की किताब में नसीहत ही नसीहत है
तुम ढूंढते हो जिसे यहाँ वो रहम नहीं है

उसे लगती थी दुनिया बाजीचा ए अत्फाल
हमारी  नज़र लेकिन खुशफ़हम नहीं है

कहाँ तेरा सुर्ख चेहरा कहाँ मेरी जर्द नज़र
सूखे हुए पत्तों पे टिकती शबनम नहीं है


क्या बुझ गया  है अब  के जो जलता  नहीं
ये अँधेरा किसी भी सू तो पिघलता  नहीं ।

मुखातिब मुझसे मगर बात किसी और से
किसी एक वजूद में वो कभी ढलता नहीं ।

रहने दो ये बेड़ियाँ न खोलो जंजीरों को
अब ये कफ़स मुझे कभी खलता नहीं ।

आओ चलो इक बार बैठ कर सोचते हैं
कुछ करते हम तो हशर क्या  बदलता नहीं ।

क्या तबदील करूं कि रौशन हो ये मंजर
मेरे आसमान में सूरज तो निकलता नहीं।

Gained from all of That Failure

When I look back at all the things that have gone wrong in our business, I’m struck by the variety of knowledge and understanding we’ve gained from all of that failure.
Jay Steinfeld