Do You Read Often?

I used to in my yester years. I was an avid reader of literature since my childhood. There were few religious books in our house which I used to relish. In those times I read Ramayana, Mahabharata, books by Vivekananda. I received autobiograpy of Milkha Singh as an award when I was in fifth … [Read More...]


In Spite of..

I am, right now have been struck in situation that keeps me busy from the moment I wake up to the time I sleep. There is nothing alarming. Family, household duties, clinical practice, land stuffs, … [Read More...]

Manage Your Money Well

Money as a fuel is well managed by most of us. We have a paycheck that fuels our budget for the whole month. Everybody  to manage that with best of abilities. A nick here and a stitch there, a few … [Read More...]



Personal Development